Remove all plastic and paper cards from your wallet. Keep them on your phone so you never forget them again!

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Store existing cards by snapping a picture or choosing from an ever-growing list of digital ones, for free of course.

There is not person in the world who is not shopping, and don't want to save money while doing it.

Baby Stuff

If you got a baby recently, we know that you filled up your wallet with plastics. Here is a better way.


It can also be a membership in the gym, or discounts on your next running shoes.

You name it

Yep, it can be any other use case where you use some kind of a card.

App is live!


Show the app in the stores to get points, discounts and rewards applied automatically. It works even offline.

TapTapp is free mobile app for al your cards

It can be QR Code, barcode or only serial number of a card.  It support all Loyalty cards, reward cards, membership cards, store cards, or club cards. Store your card digitally on your smartphone, so you don’t have to carry card physically. Once card is stored in app, present it from your smart phone. Keep your card wallet free from all those plastic loyalty cards.

Features and Benefits

Show your virtual loyalty card at the point of sale. The barcode is scanned or manually entered by the cashier. Get rid of all your plastic cards and enjoy one easy-to-use app for all your offers and rewards.
Pro tip: If you have family loyalty card, all of you can use it in the app ;)
Easily add cards

Transfer your cards to your smartphone, by simply scanning the barcode found on the plastic card.

Don't lose cards

Backup all your loyalty cards into your phone easily. Don’t let a lost or damaged loyalty card keep you from redeeming your reward points from your favorite stores.

Slim your wallet

Give your wallet some breathing space! No more fumbling at the checkout counter looking for the right loyalty reward card. Your phone is all you need to redeem your points instantly.

We don't sell data

Our business goal is not to sell any data in marketing or other purposes. App don't even require you to register to use your cards.

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