Remove plastic and paper cards from your wallet to mobile so you will never forget them again. Available to install it today:

Use cases

Loyalty cards

Collect all cards in one place in many ways.
Scan bardcode

Almost any card have barcode that can be scanned with TapTapp

Import cards from the list

Take a look on the list where you might find your favourite brands

Scan QR code

Mostly all smartphone cameras scan the QR codes to add cards to TapTapp

Don't have QR or Barcode?

No problem, you type-in the number and barcode will be ready for scan

How many loyalty cards you have in your wallet?

Collect reward cards, gift cards, coupons, collecting points cards, counter ‘’Punch’’ cards, membership, store or club cards. Store your card digitally on your smartphone, so you don’t have to carry card physically.

Loyalty cards for points and rewards

Get rewarded as loyal members
Show the app in the stores to get points and discounts
Follow all your points and expiry dates
Get access to events and promotions
Be informed through In-App messaging
No need for registration to scan loyalty cards
Start scanning you cards today!

Membership Cards

Activate Membership

This video shows how easy it is to activate gym membership card from the perspective of the people who are working for the gym.

Validate Membership

This video shows how easy it is to validate gym membership from the perspective od people who are working in the gym.

If you are a company, contact us to become our partner

Interactive Business Cards

In the footer, on the ''My Profile'' section you can register your email. After the registration you will have the option to enter and update your contact details. Those contact details will be shown when other people scan your QR code.
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