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Benefits and features

For your business
Card digitalisation on mobile devices, no more printing costs and logistics!

Easy to change texts/colors and branding of card inside the app. Possible to have multiple cards with your own branding for different purposes. Eg. Gym, Yoga, Coffee shop...Cards are visible to all our app users, so you have opportunity to attract new customers.

Custom reports when and how you want in excel, word, pdf...

Follow state of sessions and points in real time together with your users.

In-app channel for communication

Communicate with end-users instead of SMS and other chat apps. Offline mode is available even when there is no internet for your users.

For your users
All cards are always with users in mobile device, so they won’t forget card ever again!

Easy to use and add new card from the list or adding physical card scanning QR/bar code.

State of sessions and points are visible in real time, even expiry date of their membership so they know when to pay again.

Adding email just in case to make restore of the account.

Offline mode is available even when there is no internet for your users.

The application is free of charge.

It is available in all countries on App Store and Google Play.



1. App can work standalone if you don't have infrastructure.
2. Integration is also possible If you have infrastructure.

Mobile-server communication is encrypted under SSL. Sensitive data are encrypted in DB (card ID, current state, last used time). Periodical DB backup (every day). GDPR - only optionally email to register. We don’t sell any data for marketing or other purposes to third parties.


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